Saturday, August 5, 2017

Jon Ritzheimer

If there is a man I look up to as much as Ryan Paine it is Jon Ritzheimer.  He risked his life to protect your way of life as a Marine and he continues to do so because he is a true Patriot.  The mainstream media has attempted to belittle and mock him at every turn and he has never responded in kind because that is the kind of man he is.  His first concern is the safety of his men and he willingly risks himself for them.  He saved my life one night when a "drunk" rancher "forgot" to set his parking brake and nearly sandwiched me between two 7,000+ pound vehicles.  When warrants were being executed he surrendered himself without compromising his brothers and continues to lead by example.  I wish all the militia followed his example...thank you, brother.

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Video: Message from Joker J (Jason Blomgren)

Joker J thanks those who helped him and spread the word while he was stranded in Portland post sentencing.