Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Travis Cox: Political Prisoner

If anyone's name has been said, it hasn't been Travis Cox's.  For the last 18 months he has been biting his tongue and biding his time.  One of the younger militia; he took on a role that many refused, leadership.  As leader of Bravo squad he set the bar high.  He formed the squad that showed fabulous Fabio for the coward he is. There was no task that they weren't ready for and it is because of the work ethic and leadership skills shown by Travis Cox.  He exemplifies the integrity and dedication our founding fathers envisioned in this well regulated militia.

His sentencing is coming up shortly.  August 7th, his fate will be decided.  He was there for you.  Are you going to be there for him?


  1. was not aware of Travis...what can we do besides pray????

    1. There are many ways to help. Organizations like the Patriot Mail Project and Americans Standing For Liberty are crucial in supporting our P3s and improving their quality of life. With the pmp, something as simple as writing a letter may be a lifeline to someone who has very little. All of these Organizations are run by people who take no profit and simply do what they can to be a good friend. They are all easily accessible on facebook. Feel free to email me or add me on Google Plus if you have trouble finding your way to these places should you choose that path. Thanks for the question!

      Travis was sentenced to 2 years probation and 2 months house arrest on the 7th.

  2. There in spirit. I did not know about you Travis. There are many across America we don't know about.


Video: Message from Joker J (Jason Blomgren)

Joker J thanks those who helped him and spread the word while he was stranded in Portland post sentencing.